Choose your ideal water supply and treatment

The water used to supply industrial processes and utilities represents the largest water-related expenditure at an industrial site. Diversifying water resources while securing reliable water supplies contributes to reducing the water footprint of industrial activities.
Secure catchments

Ensure your water supply system is reliable in terms of quality and quantity

Groundwater sources can be tapped by various methods such as shafts, boreholes, drainage tunnels, springs etc. These catchments enable many industrial sites to reduce their dependency on external water supplies.
Use seawater

Desalinate seawater to generate new water sources

Delivering fresh potable water to locations with no natural access to it is an ongoing challenge for certain industrial site operators who must ensure continuity of production. Optimising the quality of water produced and its production costs while minimising the impacts of its use on the environment remain a major environmental and economic issue for industrial operators.
Water treatment

Adapt water supply and treatment to your usage

Controlling the quality of water in processes is a source of value generation for industries. Intended for product manufacture or equipment operation, water requires different quality levels depending on its use and on water quality standards in your industry.