Students and young graduates

Do you want to take real action for the environment?  Whether it is an internship, a work-study program, international corporate volunteering (the VIE programme), or your first job, get involved "[...] to providing people and the planet with the resources for a common future." Join us!
Start my career

Discover a line of work that matches my values

At SUEZ, our employees are the resource we put first. If you join us, you will be doing meaningful work. By working alongside our experts, or through our many development programs (training, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, etc.) you will develop your skills and get your career off to a good start.

Allow yourself to flourish in an environmental line of work: project engineer, sales representative, maintenance technician, operations manager, network technician... When it comes to jobs dealing with water, air quality, waste treatment and recycling, the possibilities are endless!

Internships & work-study programmes

Acquire a valuable first experience in the environmental sector

Would you like to discover new lines of work related to preserving our vital resources, such as water, soil, and air? As the world leader in essential environmental services, SUEZ offers a wide range of internships and work-study contracts all over the world.
We improve the employability of young people in the environment sector. In order to facilitate their integration and to help them to discover the different  careers, we  meet about a hundred people every year for a day. It is an opportunity to discover our activities by visiting a site (recycling center, desalination plant, drinking water station, etc.), to attend conferences and to meet our  representatives.
interns and work-study apprentices in the group in 2021
Graduate Programs

Joining a Graduate Program: a unique and exciting experience

Want to join an excellence program that sets high ambitions? Learn more about SUEZ Graduate program for young talents passionate about the environment.

The "Graduate Program Expert": training future experts in the environmental sector

Are you an engineer, a recent graduate or with less than 5 years experience, passionate about the environment? Join the Graduate Program Expert!

The 2023 promotion will recruit and train 30 talented young people with technical profiles to enable them to become future experts in the environmental sector, in France and abroad.

The selected applicants will be hired on a permanent basis and will participate in a 2-year program on future challenges such as the decarbonisation of our businesses, the preservation of water resources or the production of energy from waste, or on specific skills such as water treatment, waste recycling and recovery, facility maintenance or urban hydraulics.

They will receive personalised technical support from tutors chosen among the best SUEZ experts, who are highly experienced and available to share their knowledge, know-how and passion for the environment.

To support them in their training, in addition to technical skills, they will also receive training in areas such as emotional intelligence, the art of the pitch and the use of professional social networks.

Finally, in order to know each other and discover the company, they will take part in monthly inspirational meetings as well as exploratory missions to prepare their internal mobility at the end of the program.

The "Graduate Program Expert" has already welcomed 2 promotions, i.e. 24 young talents, with a success rate of 96% and conversion into a position within the various SUEZ entities.

Selections for the 2023 promotion will begin in June for the September school year! See you soon here for more information.

The "Graduate Program Manager": a path of excellence for future managers in all our business lines

The SUEZ Graduate Program Manager is a path of excellence designed to train our future managers in all our business lines and activities.

It is a 2.5-year program consisting of 5 stages, which allow for a gradual and complete discovery of the target jobs, combined with an individualised skills development plan. Whether you are in the Projects, Operations, Key Accounts, Operational Performance or Maintenance sectors, there is a dedicated path to support you until you take up your responsibilities with the best guarantees of success.

Each year, we integrate a new class of about fifteen young graduates from engineering and business schools, selected for their environmental vocation and their managerial ambition. The selection process begins in June, and the integration process takes place between September and December.
International corporate volunteering

Get involved in large-scale international projects

Are you a European Union citizen who would like to start your professional career with an experience abroad? Every year, around 40 young graduates take part in our VIE international corporate volunteering programme within the various SUEZ subsidiaries. They work on projects relating to water resources, biodiversity, waste treatment, and air quality to improve living conditions and preserve the planet’s natural resources.

The work placements are for periods of 6 to 24 months and are available in many countries around the world.

The VIE programme at SUEZ covers both technical and engineering positions, as well as support functions (finance, business development, sustainable development, sales, human resources, etc.