Sorting is a key step in the recycling and recovery of waste. The more effectively waste is sorted, the more efficient the recycling process, enabling the production of secondary raw materials of an equivalent or higher quality than virgin material. SUEZ develops leading-edge technology solutions to improve the identification, separation and preparation of materials in order to optimise their reuse.
Your challenges

More effective sorting for better recycling and recovery

The waste streams collected by local authorities continue to increase and are increasingly diverse. To reach increasingly ambitious objectives for recycling and recovery, local councils have a key role to play in improving the sorting stage, a key factor in raising the fraction of recyclable waste.
Recycling rate for glass collected in Europe
Target for household waste sorting rate by 2020
Number of glass bottles sorted and recycled in Europe each year.
Our solutions

Identify, separate and prepare materials for recovery

Our sorting platforms combine innovative technologies to separate materials as finely as possible. Their efficiency is boosted by the quality of sorting at source by residents, who should be guided and supported.
Waste sorting center

Maximise the rate of recovered materials

Automated sorting centres use optical sorting machines to extend their collection catchment areas and are increasingly efficient in their recovery performance. 
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Waste sorting

Maximise the quantity of materials sorted by the general public

We are active as far upstream as possible to encourage, inform and facilitate the adoption of more effective sorting habits by your residents.
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Our expertise

Supporting you throughout the waste cycle

From environmental engineering to facility management, we bring you our expertise to carry out your projects: