Having access to sufficient amounts of clean drinking water is a key issue for citizens. Drinking water distribution is therefore central to the concerns of local authorities and operators seeking to optimise their network performance to guarantee customers and users the best possible service, whilst at the same time maintaining financial stability and protecting the environment. Suez optimises drinking water distribution with an understanding of the entire value chain from diagnosis, infrastructure and invoicing to effective leak detection management.
Your challenges

Improving your drinking water network performance and addressing all types of loss

Fresh water is a limited, sometimes even rare, resource. Today the balance between water requirements and resources is a fragile one.  Water resources and drinking water distribution infrastructures are constantly coming under new pressure from population growth, economic development, migration and urbanisation.
Guaranteeing everyone access to a continuous supply of clean water (24 hours a day) has become a crucial issue for local authorities, citizens and professionals in the sector. To achieve this goal, operators face a major challenge: implementing action plans to optimise network performance. These plans must address two areas:
  • reducing physical losses by avoiding leaks in distribution networks
  • reducing commercial losses by precise metering of water consumption and accurate invoicing
of drinking water produced worldwide
m3 of water per annum
Euros of economic losses per annum
Our solutions

Helping you manage your drinking water network on a daily basis

We combine strategic support and operational implementation through flexible complementary solutions that cover the entire value chain. This 360° approach enables us to understand and assess the specific features of your network and means we can respond to your needs accurately and efficiently.
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Improve quality of service and user satisfaction

We offer solutions to guarantee water quality by efficiently monitoring your drinking water network in real time, ensure continuous drinking water distribution, and react to leaks in the drinking water network quickly.
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Street leak detection

Reduce your expenses and increase your revenue

We develop smart networks to enable you to act in real time. We can also help you extend your drinking water network's lifespan with proactive maintenance and assess the state of your network in order to prioritise infrastructure renewal.
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Recharging aquifers

Meet your environmental goals

Our global approach enables you to preserve the resource, limit energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint.
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They trust us

We work closely with our customers to define the best solutions together.
Our expertise

Supporting you throughout the water cycle

From consulting to after-sales services, we bring you our expertise to carry out your projects.