Women's cycling: let's support the FDJ-SUEZ team!

As a major player in environmental services for over 160 years, SUEZ has naturally chosen cycling, support for women's sports, and excellence by partnering with the best French women's cycling team.
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FDJ-SUEZ 2023 season review - SUEZ

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The team

Discover the 2024 FDJ-SUEZ team!

A family history

The team was created in 2006 by two men, including Gatien Merlot, who wanted his daughter, Emmanuelle Merlot, to be able to develop her competitive cycling skills. Emmanuelle is now the president of the team and spouse of Stephen Delcourt, the team's general manager.

A local team to the highest world level

The team was born thanks to the support of the Poitou-Charentes regional cycling committee, the Parc Futuroscope and the Vienne department as main partners. In 2017, the FDJ group became a partner of the team, and renewed its commitment until 2024. The good performances of the team allow it to become the first French team to compete at the world level (World Tour). Today, it has 15 runners, of 6 different nationalities, whose average age is 25.5 years.

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A meaningful partnership

  • Choosing to support this team means choosing excellence and a competitive spirit. By supporting the team, SUEZ is consolidating its resources and committing itself to being a solid and enthusiastic partner.
  • Choosing cycling means choosing a sport that embodies soft mobility, accessible to all, and that combines positive values on health and ecology.
  • Choosing to accompany them means affirming a strong support for women's sports, in line with the values of SUEZ, which has been committed for several years to diversity and gender equality.
  • Choosing to become a partner of the team means demonstrating SUEZ's commitment in the territories, both in France and internationally.

Our support for this young and talented team is perfectly aligned with our business activities in environmental services, our commitments in the areas of inclusion and diversity, and our closeness to regions and communities. We share the same mindset: writing a new chapter in our story with the desire to win. SUEZ’s 40,000 employees will take pride in seeing such a worthy team wear our colours. Alongside FDJ, we will be an engaged, solid and enthusiastic partner.

Sabrina Soussan , Chairman and CEO of SUEZ

The choice of a sport accessible to all and respectful of the environment

For many, cycling is the first sport learned as a child, the first means of transport for teenagers, one of the sources of escape in adulthood, a sport free of trauma whose practice is recommended by doctors, and a popular means of locomotion. It is also environmentally friendly: a third of cyclists associate respect for the environment with their cycling; this figure rises to 44% among women.

SUEZ operates across the entire value chain in the water and waste management businesses, both in France and internationally, and thus contributes to improving the health of the populations it serves, preserving their environment, and regenerating the resources essential to their lives.