SUEZ is a leading global provider of environmental solutions. With over 160 years of experience, we use innovative solutions that achieve smart and sustainable management of natural resources in the UK.


With our breadth of services, from clean water solutions to supporting net-zero ambitions, SUEZ is uniquely placed to meet the environmental needs of our customers. Our constant investment in research and development puts innovation at the heart of our solutions. In turn, we provide high performing and agile services to a wide range of sectors.


Environmental solutions from SUEZ

Water network management

Water network management

Minimise costs and improve the performance of your water networks
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waste water

Wastewater management

Reduce the impact of wastewater on the environment and the public's health
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Environmental monitoring

Supporting you with a wide range of testing requirements & consultancy

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Air quality

Tackling air pollution and driving sustainability with smart and efficient solutions
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Case studies

Solutions in action: SUEZ case studies

SUEZ Satellite Leak Detection Transforms Water Management for SES Water

Revolutionising SES Water's mission for water management and conservation
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Enabling land remediation in Scotland

Case study: Contaminated land analysis for Mason Evans
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Mapping and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Landfill Sites

By minimising biogas leakage and associated fugitive emissions, a landfill achieved a 65% reduction in fugitive CH4 emissions, leading to improved financial returns.
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