Clean roadways and public buildings make a town more attractive to visitors and contribute to its image in the wider world. Real estate and urban cleansing is also essential for a pleasant, healthy living environment that is appreciated by residents and that can attract new inhabitants. SUEZ supplies local authorities with bespoke hygiene and servicing appliances to keep roads and public buildings clean and to improve sewerage systems.
Your challenges

Maintain levels of cleanliness and hygiene expected by inhabitants

Local authorities and operators work on various levels to maintain and improve cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation conditions for local residents:
  • cleanliness and hygiene of roadways, buildings and public equipment;
  • keeping sewerage systems in good working order.
These tasks require regular servicing of all public equipment and emergency operations if necessary. 
As cleanliness is everyone’s business, local authorities seek to involve their inhabitants in maintaining a pleasant, healthy living environment. Awareness campaigns are sometimes necessary to educate the public in the right actions and behaviour to adopt. 
Our solutions

Helping provide a pleasant, healthy living environment for inhabitants

SUEZ designs and implements solutions to optimise urban cleanliness, hygiene and sewerage systems in strict compliance with current legal standards. Our ambition is to help you provide your inhabitants with a more pleasant, healthier place to live. For this purpose, we develop innovations based on digital and robotic technology that improve diagnosis and maintenance, reduce intervention times and facilitate emergency operations.
Fontain Tain l'Hermitage

Maintain a pleasant living environment on a daily basis

Our range of solutions includes washing and cleaning roads, public areas, car parks, school yards etc. Our services satisfy the environmental obligations regarding treatment of areas close to drains, rivers or lakes.
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Buildings Tain l'Hermitage

Ensure cleanliness of public equipment and buildings is achieved

We have all the necessary solutions to dive right into the heart of your systems to provide diagnoses, plan operations or carry out rehabilitation work. We also offer daily maintenance for your public buildings.
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Selective sorting

Connect with and involve local residents

We set up awareness campaigns to educate people in eco-friendly urban cleanliness attitudes.
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Our expertise

Supporting you throughout the waste cycle

From environmental engineering to facility management, we bring you our expertise to carry out your projects: