Sales manager

The role of a sales manager at SUEZ consists of defining and implementing a sales action plan in relation to a customer portfolio with his or her team.
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Main activities

Sales management

  • Manage and develop the sales team
  • Proposes and coordinates R&D lines of inquiry within his/her section
  • Implements and coordinates interdisciplinary projects with the BUs, industrial partners and universities
  • Is responsible for the global management of projects which he/she leads
  • Formalizes the capitalization and dissemination of knowledge
  • Acts as an authority for the know how related to his/her specialization (current and to be acquired)
  • Ensures that the key skills required within the section are maintained as well as a technical network inside and outside the group
  • Defines the technical and financial objectives for his/her section and provides the required reports

Sales coordination

  • Coordinates sales actions with operations and other players involved in the contract
  • Works in collaboration with the regional manager for national customers
  • Directs sales actions in collaboration with the marketing department
  • Draws up sales action plan in concert  with the branch director and make it coherent with regional objectives


  • Manages a team of sales representatives and account managers.

External corporate relations

Sales managers
Olivier Bitz-chef-des-ventes

"We are constantly confronted with new problems, for which we need to find innovative solutions. We do not offer standard solutions to our customers but tailor-made ones."

OlivierSales Manager (France)

Required experience

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Baccalaureate +4/5 years of study in sales, management or equivalent, majoring in sales
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Significant experience in B2B sales
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  • Good sales and team management skills.
  • A good command of sales techniques and negotiations.
  • Knowledge of the economic environment in which they work.

Key skills required

  • Leadership

  • Developing contacts
  • A good listener
  • Reactive
  • Ability to drive and motivate the team
  • Dynamic
  • Available
  • Good teaching skills
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate

Possibilities for personal development

  • Service center manager (operations)
  • Branch manager